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Testosterone Management

If you are suffering from low testosterone, I can help you get back on track and restore your health. Having low testosterone as an endurance athlete is common, yet rarely discussed, even though it can be debilitating. Fatigue and low libido are the two most common symptoms of low T, so if you have experienced either of those, don't hesitate to reach out to me to learn more. I had low testosterone too, but was able to naturally bring it to normal levels again while training. Contact me, and this is what you should expect:

Initial Consultation

1.) I send you an Athlete Questionnaire to learn more about your unique situation, training, nutrition and lifestyle.

2.) You fill it out and send it back to me along with blood test results and other test results you may have.

3.) I review your material and write a report for you that includes symptoms presented, suspected causes, suggestions and a plan tailored to your specific case.

4.) We get on the phone (or Skype) to discuss the report and get you started.

The initial consultation costs $240.

Followup Calls

5.) Depending on the severity of your case, we will have a followup call (or Skype) every 1-2 months to be sure you're progressing. These calls will be $50 for 45 minutes.

Email me at and I will send you the questionnaire.

*I will assume complete confidentiality unless you specify otherwise.

**Note: I am not a doctor. I'm just an athlete who's been through it. As part of my guidance, I will also help you find the right doctor to provide you with medical perspective.

Other Consultation Topics

Have deeper questions, or areas you'd like to spend some time drilling down into? Take out the trial and error - save yourself time and money by drawing from the knowledge of someone who has done it before. Topics could include:

  • Kona Qualification strategy

  • Nutrition - daily or race day

  • Racing strategy - pacing, logistics, gear/equipment selections

  • Work/Life/Training balance

  • Training - periodization, workout ideas, tapering, building out the infrastructure of your training

  • Mindset - mental toughness

Email me at with 3 dates/times that work for you and we'll make it happen. I'll get bach to you quickly - I'm very responsive.

Phone Consultations - 45min for $50


Golf Course Consultation - "Advice and Slice" - swing the sticks with me while we talk through Tri topics of your choice - $150 + cost of golf

Payment accepted by PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, cash or cigarettes (that's a joke, this isn't prison)

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