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Some Sources of My Edge

"It takes a village"

Powerful. Aerodynamic. Comfortable. I am all of those things on my bike because of FitWerx. People fly in from far and wide to be fit by these gurus, and buy custom bikes from them that suit their bodies perfectly. Four locations in the northeast. Give them a call!


Steady energy. All day. Without UCAN, I would still be having GI distress during Ironman. I have near 100% certainty that nutrition won't hold me back from performing in training or on race day. UCAN too! Ask me how by shooting me an email.

15% off online using code UCANTRIMB

You drive your body hard. Give it a big "thank you!" by providing it with the attention it needs to efficiently propel you through training and life, free of injury. Dr. Todd will use ART, Graston, physical therapy and chiropractic to get your body tuned up and ready for action.

Be a lean, mean, fat-burning machine. I race Ironman on under 100c/hr because of Nicci. Whether you want better body composition, to have more confidence in your daily or race day nutrition, or to dial in your hydration needs, Nicci can help you!

Feel like a battered old car from all your training? Enter Josh Grahlman, your Athlete Mechanic in NYC. He's a triathlete too. He gets it, and he and his team are brilliant at helping you put you back together again.

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