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IronMatt Bio

Each year, my wife, dad and I race a triathlon for my brother (Justin Bach) and raise money for St Jude’s in the hopes that no child will ever have to go through what he went through.  We've raised over $78k over the past 7 years in his name.
Who I Am


Ever since beginning my athletic career, I have followed my motto to “make your life an experiment” leading to huge improvements in each leg of the sport of triathlon and have achieved breakthroughs in nutrition through Metabolic Efficiency Training and UCAN (racing IM in under 100c/hr). I have an unrelenting drive to be the best that I can be, and possess an uncanny ability to “get comfortable being uncomfortable.” There is no silver bullet in triathlon so keep tearing down your limiters one by one!

My Story

I started to race triathlons with my wife in 2010 to honor my brother who died of cancer in 2008. I had a knack for the sport, particularly in the run where my background lies, so I did more and more triathlons, drifting towards longer races which magnify the competitive advantage of my mental grit and my natural gift for endurance. After a couple of near Kona qualifications,  I secured my first entry in 2013 at Ironman Louisville (my second IM in 4 weeks) by winning my age group. In 2014, I decided to do Ironman Maryland in September to qualify for Kona 2015, and not only did I win my age group, but won the entire race in 8:51 with a massive 51 minute PR. I validated that performance with an amateur win and 6th place overall finish, beating 9 of the 14 pros, at Eagleman 70.3 2015, proving that I can compete among the elites. I capped off my 2015 season by placing 72nd overall at the Ironman World Championship.

Like nearly everyone else, I have been required to balance my passion for triathlon with my career and family life. I have "Irish Twins" named Summer and David with my wonderful wife, Lauren, that were born in 2017 and 2018. Professionally, I worked as a trader on Wall Street for 9 years until 2019 when I made a career change and joined UCAN full-time. I earned my MBA from Temple University in May of 2019. My dream has come true - I now get to talk about endurance sports all day and work in the field of "Inspiration" for living!

Other Fun Facts

  • Lauren and I also have 2 furry kids (long-haired miniature dachshunds named Johann and Sebastian Bach)

  • I play piano and violin (same two instruments as the composer himself)

  • I am an avid card player, golfer, bowler, scotch drinker and a ballroom enthusiast

  • I once ate an entire pumpkin pie in one sitting

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